Fixed risk-profit cryptocurrency investment
3% p.a. on EURG balance


Gekkoin Cryptoeuro

1 EURG = 1 EUR

Withdraw your returns to the IBAN account in euros
  • Utility token with a fixed rate
  • 3% p.a. interest on account balance*
  • Open crypto deposits - and get income in EURG
  • Fast and easy replenishment/ withdrawal of funds

* You get 3% per annum of EURG on your balance once a month under the following conditions:

(i) your weighted average balance for the reporting period is equal to or higher than 300 EURG;

(ii) our upper limit for the balance to pay the interest rate is 100,000 EURG.

The weighted average balance is calculated from the 10th to the 10th day.

Detailed terms and conditions can be found here.

What is the EURG token?

Gekkoin Europe (EURG) tokens are created and redeemed in accordance with the emission rules

Token’s Distribution Report →

Token is a “substitute” for securities or money in the digital world.

Gekkoin Europe (EURG) is a utility token that provides access to the Gekkoin ecosystem - and all the benefits of the traditional financial market and the advantages of cryptocurrency technologies.

As an ERC-20 compliant token, EURG can be transferred to the Ethereum network. All EURG tokens are subject to exchange for fiat money in accordance with the conditions on the site and the Gekkard App.

The exchange rate is fixed: 1 EURG = 1 EUR.

Security Audit

EURG is built on the Ethereum platform in according to the ERC20 standard for tokens.

ERC20 is the official unified protocol, designed to solve the issue of compatibility of different coins and improve the network functionality. The standard token on the Ethereum blockchain is characterized by the following properties:

  • Makes assets interchangeable;
  • Used on compatible platforms, projects, exchanges;
  • Interacts with other currencies, smart contracts;
  • Simplifies transactions with the receipt and sending of coins;
  • Ensures operation with compatible decentralized applications (DApps);

The code of the EURG smart contract has been audited by Hacken OÜ, a cybersecurity firm. The report is publicly available here.

Take advantages
of the stable and secure

Choose your cryptocurrency income yourself

Withdraw your funds to the IBAN account - in euros

Transfer your funds from one Gekkoin wallet to another - NO FEES

Earn 3% p.a. interest on account balance and more high returns when opening crypto deposits

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