Innovative investment ecosystem

Unite fiat and cryptocurrency.
Manage your risks.
Make a profit.

  • Capital protection up to 100%
  • Income up to 200% per annum in case of cryptocurrency asset growth
Crypto wallet.
The interest rate
on balance 3%
Mobile bank and Gekkard
payment card
Structured deposits.
Returns from 4%
per annum
Utility token EURG. Always
fixed price 1 EURG = 1 EUR

Why Gekkoin?

Easy to top up. Easy to take out

Replenishment and withdrawal
are free of charge. Do it via
Mastercard payment card in euros.

Handy to manage

Multicurrency crypto wallet,
free internal transfers, instant money
exchange are in one place.

Profitable to invest

The interest rate on balance is 3% when depositing EURG funds in your wallet.
Structured deposits start from 4% per annum. Capital is protected up to 100%.

Register, use Gekkoin
ecosystem and make
a profit right now!

Store, invest and manage
your cryptocurrency.
One platform, more safety.

Gekkoin Wallet. Reliable online bank
in the cryptocurrency world.
Learn more
  • Two-factor authentication for all transactions
  • Fast replenishment and withdrawal to Mastercard
  • The interest rate on balance and structured deposits for EURG
  • BTC, ETH, XMR and EURG wallets are available immediately after registration

Shop online and offline.
Withdraw money in any ATM.
Easy to manage, secure to hold.

Gekkard. Full-value online bank card
with a European account and all benefits
of Mastercard.
Learn more
  • Mobile banking app with Gekkoin Wallet
  • Virtual and physical Mastercard payment card (for EEA and Swiss residents)
  • Online account opening (for EEA and Swiss residents)
  • Worldwide card delivery
  • 24/7 customer support

Get access to Gekkoin ecosystem.
Enjoy all benefits of both the traditional
and crypto financial markets.

EURG token. Gekkoin utility token and cryptoeuro.
Learn more
  • ERC20 standard
  • Always fixed price 1 EURG = 1 EUR
  • The interest rate on balance 3% per annum
  • Additional income by structured deposits
  • Fast and easy replenishment/ withdrawal of funds

Earn with the growth
of the crypto market.
Do not lose when falling.

Gekkoin structured deposits.
A turn-key investment strategy for a fixed
period (3,6,12,18 or 36 months).
Learn more
  • Trust management by 8848 Invest
  • Strategies with various risk levels
  • High guaranteed rate in euros (4% per annum)
  • Additional income up to 200% per annum if the market growths
  • Capital protection up to 100% if the market falls

Оur main goal is to ensure safe, easy,
and effective financial investments
(both crypto and fiat).
Our guarantees are our partners.

Gekkoin was created in cooperation
with the following companies:
  • logos
    Adventarium (Blockchain development services)
    EURG issue, trust management
  • logos
    Papaya (Payment app)
    Gekkard payment card maintenance
  • logos
    AtlantEX (Licensed crypto broker)
    Exchange crypto for fiat and vice versa
  • logos
    8848 Invest (Asset Management)
    Financial administration
  • logos (Crypto exchange)
    EURG purchase
  • logos
    Kraken (Crypto exchange)
    Exchange crypto for fiat and vice versa
The crypto market is extremely important for investors, both in the short and long term. Although investments in it are still considered quite risky, Gekkoin project helps resolve the major industry problems with its wide ecosystem.

Deposits infrastructure allows end-users to make money on both the growing and falling markets. In addition, exchanging tokens deposited by investors opens new opportunities for earning with digital currencies. Now crypto enthusiasts can manage the liquidity of their assets without affecting their investments. In fact, users get access to services that recently were only available for fiat.

Trust the professionals who work with investments in the largest currency markets. The union of so high-qualified specialists ensures quality and transparency of services and management. As well a successful user experience and further Gekkoin development.

So, it's high time to start earning on your investments!
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