Fixed risk-profit Bitcoin investment

Invest in Gekkoin Crypto Deposits with fixed rate

9,6% per annum

  • Income is 9,6% per annum (0,8% per month)
  • The payments are made every 30 calendar days
  • A free Euro IBAN + payment card Mastercard Gekkard*
  • All payouts are in EURG (1 EURG = 1 EUR)

* The Mastercard Gekkard is only available for EEA and Switzerland residents.
9,6% per annum

Calculate your income:

  • Income is 9,6% per annum (0,8% per month)
  • Terms of deposit - 360 days
  • The minimum amount of the deposit - 1000 EURG
  • Maximum protection + High income
  • topIf Bitcoin rate rises, you will get 20% of the growth
  • bottomIf Bitcoin rate falls, you will get 100% deposit amount
  • Controlled risk + Maximum income
  • topIf Bitcoin rate rises, you will get 50% of the growth
  • bottomIf Bitcoin rate falls, you will lose up to -30% from deposit amount
  • Invested:
  • Profit:
  • Total amount:
Income for 360 days:
( per annum)

Why Gekkoin?

Profitable to invest

Fixed rate deposits is 9,6% p.a.
The interest rate on balance is 3% p.a.
Structured deposits with high return.

Handy to manage

Crypto Wallets (BTC, ETH, XMR, EURG),
free internal transfers, instant money
exchange are in one place.

Easy to top up. Easy to take out

Replenishment and withdrawal are free of charge.
Do it via branded App with a free IBAN in euros.

Register, use Gekkoin
ecosystem and make
a profit right now!

Returns on investments are guaranteed.
All risks are reduced to zero.

Our platform provides financial guarantees to investors - it ensures the return at the highest level of bank rates. We can guarantee it since we along with our partners have deep knowledge and vast experience in working with the security market.
  • Bank transactions
  • Legal transparency and protection
  • Reserve fund
  • Risks covering
  • Independent audit

Top up and withdraw your funds
using Euro IBAN and payment card

Our partnered mobile banking application
integrated with the Gekkoin Wallet.
Learn more
  • Get a free Euro IBAN + payment card Gekkard
    in digital and plastic bodies*
  • Withdraw money in any ATM
  • Make online and offline payments worldwide
  • 24/7 customer support

  • * The Gekkard payment card is available for EEA and Switzerland residents.

Who can use Gekkoin?

Invest in a growing cryptocurrency market and manage your risks. Use structured deposits and advanced financial services
Get higher returns compared to bank deposits
Crypto Investors / Enthusiasts
Diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio by adding guaranteed return assets to it
Traders and Miners
Exchange cryptos to fiat and withdraw it directly through your personal account - it is convenient and secure. Make a profit on structured deposits
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