Fixed risk-profit cryptocurrency investment

Buy and sell cryptocurrency
with Euros

Install mobile banking application Gekkard:
  • Integration with the Gekkoin Wallet
    for purchasing and selling cryptos with EUR
  • Free Euro IBAN
  • Payment card Mastercard in digital and plastic bodies (for EEA and Switzerland residents)
  • Worldwide card delivery
  • 24/7 customer support

Gekkard is available as web application now

Current mobile applications will soon be deprecated

Full-fledged mobile
banking services


Mobile App

The ideal solution for individuals who want practical and smart tool for managing their money in a European account. Shop anywhere in the world and online using Mastercard security & safety standards. The main currency is EUR.


Virtual Card

Shop online in stores, websites, travel agencies and millions of others.


Physical Card

A card for all your purchases and your online and offline transactions.

Replenish and withdraw funds fast and easily

Top up your balance in the App.
Withdraw funds by making payments or taking out cash from the plastic card.


Get free service

  • Account maintenance - FREE
  • Euro IBAN account - FREE
  • Worldwide card delivery - FREE
  • Interbank money transfers - FREE

Financial guarantees

Gekkard is powered by a company licensed to provide financial services

Our partner Papaya Ltd ensures the protection of funds for all Gekkard users.
Your funds as a Gekkard user are securely protected by the European Union law.
Papaya Ltd is licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority as an Electronic Money Institution (EMI). Registration number C55146.

Instantly ready payment
account and Mastercard

Your virtual card will be issued right after successful registration. You can start to use it on the Internet immediately.

Download the App and sign up in a few steps. To verify your identity you need to provide the European ID and take a selfie.

Card delivery is international and free

Your plastic card with the same IBAN as digital will be issued in 24 hours after registration. After that, the International Mail Services will deliver it for free.


Manage your funds as a Gekkoin user within the Gekkard App

In addition to full control over your Gekkoin account and the payment card attached to it, the Gekkard App provides you with the expanded functionality including setting spending limits, tracking transactions, getting notifications (instant), approving online payments, and even freezing the card for a while.

Your Gekkard account is protected by a PIN-code while each transaction is protected by Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).


Frequently Asked Questions Regular questions & answers are presented here in the FAQ`s area

What is a Gekkard account?

It is account established by us in your name. Account is used for the processing of transactions from linked GEKKARD, as well as for execution of payment transactions.

Who can open Gekkard account?

Сurrently, only residents of 30 EEA member states and Switzerland can open a Gekkard account.
You can open it in the mobile application (on your smartphone) if you:
• are at least 18 years old;
• own a compatible smartphone;
• hold a supported ID document;
• don't already have an account with us.

How to open my Gekkard account?

Step 1: Fill in the mobile application your personal details and shipping address.
Step 2: Prove your identity.
Step 3: Get confirmation that you are registered as a client*.
Step 4: At this point you'll be able to top up your GEKKARD account and use your Virtual GEKKARD.
Step 5: After a few days, you’ll receive your GEKKARD Mastercard by post.
*If you meet our minimum trustworthiness criteria.

How to prove my identity?

As a financial institution, we must follow the “Know Your Customer” procedures. Therefore, during registration in mobile application, you scan an identity document (passport), as well as make a "selfie".

How can I check Gekkard transactions/account balance?

You can check your transactions and GEKKARD account balance 24/7 - 365 days of the year using the mobile application.

What is a Gekkard card?

It is prepaid debit card of Mastercard issued by us to you, which may be in the form of a plastic card or virtual card.

What is the difference between virtual and plastic card?

The use of virtual GEKKARD is limited to online purchases.

Where do I use a Gekkard card?

GEKKARD may be used to pay for goods and services at participating retailers and online that accept Mastercard cards. Virtual GEKKARD is designed for online purchases only. Plastic GEKKARD is designed for use in shops and retail locations where you are physically present. It is possible also to use it for cash withdrawal.

Join Gekkard in a few minutes

Download the application on IOS or Android and use all advantages of online bank with a European account.
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